Your identity is everything.

Your identity and information is important, regardless of who you are. Be sure that the information you send out is secure, and not being sold to third parties. 

Over the years we have lost trust in mainstream social media giants that have abused our psychology, stole our information for profits and manipulated political mindsets. It has been straight up corruption at the highest level. 

An opportunity for a fresh start

A brand new platform, a new opportunity to be civil.

You don't like it? That's okay.

Our freedom of speech is under attack. From the internet to the work place. The world should educate one another to help make it a better place. Let this platform be the tool to encourage it by allowing free thought.

Tackling societal issues.

We are in an awakening of a rabbit hole of political issues, mainstream media, child sex trafficking and control of the internet. Our algorithms are getting stronger triggering pornography and hackers by the day to let you have the best experience possible.

What makes Civil different?

The data we gather doesn’t go anywhere near as extreme as what most platforms rob from you. To keep Civil and the content creators in business you can pay to use ad free, subscribe to pay direct to creators, or let us use your basic information that you have in your profile to target ads for our trusted business partners.

What about the servers though?

We do not host from any of the tech giants swimming out there. We are independent and run through Hostinger.

Civil is the platform for you.

Are you fed up of these giants listening and telling you what to say?

Are you looking for a place to get your voice heard without being banned?

Do you believe in Freedom of Speech?

Are you looking for a place to know your information safe?

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