We are living in the age of misinformation and political warfare has never been stronger with manipulation on your social media channels, schools, work places and homes. We are being driven to divide from each other through the process creating a false, fake view on the world. The world that is presented to us is corrupt, time has proven that political figures are pantomime characters on a stage, and we are the biproduct of a self sustaining drama focused money making business asset that’s engineered and manipulated so genius, that the majority of components that run the asset refuse to detach from it and cannot see past it as their entire worldview revolves around it. 

As it reproduces energy for itself, indoctrinated views and manipulating human values it has become apparent that a controversial minority is developing. A minority becoming self aware, realizing what their being told is questionable, understanding that the divisions forced into their realities is stripping apart countries, communities and family values. A minority who can commit to taking a risk, a risk so powerful could break their image and social acceptance at either sides of a scale. 

Being self aware is just as critical as being aware of our surroundings. Censorship pushed upon us is killing free speech, free thought, and abilities to have conversations cancelled. It’s dismantled the social structure of society not having the ability to debate and discuss real world issues between each other. 

FUQIT is built to support the fight against censorship and free speech, backed by its trademark in 2018 it’s here to make a statement. 

FUQIT is the decision you make when you are ready to take on a challenge, a decision you make that can change the course of history, a symbol so powerful it plants the seed of questioning your abilities and beliefs. 

It’s not what you’re told, it’s what you see. 

Welcome to the freedom.

Where is it from?

FUQIT® started in Scotland and later opened operations in Toronto, Canada in September 2019.

The Background
The Execution

From the second you wake up you are faced with a decision to how you want to perceive the rest of your day ahead. Remind yourself with a lifestyle brand that brings out the best in you, let it absorb you with the sense of freedom. Let the world know you made that decision.

Living with regret is worse than failure. 

Make that decision now.