COVID-19 has affected industries worldwide causing delays and closures in business.

We have 2 locations that hold our stock in Europe and USA, and now facing delayed times in deliveries. Depending on your location we order accordingly from where our stock is, for example if you live in the UK we order from our Latvia location in Europe. If you live in Canada we order from our North Carolina location in the USA.

Please allow upto 3 weeks for deliveries. We provide you with a tracking ID with our courier and follow every step of the way. Please don’t hesitate to contact me Rhys Fraser to follow up on your orders.

Stay safe and stay clean out there!

Rhys Fraser

29 Years old, from Scotland. British Forces Veteran with a strong background in Digital Media, creative content, branding and mobile app development. Passionate about world change, exposing corruption and controversy. Likes puppies.


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