As part of our movement, creating FUQIT Book It is a platform to encourage the public back to travel. We intend to work closely with Hotels, Airlines and businesses who have been feeling the effects of COVID-19 by directing customers and promoting content they offer.

As more celibrity tech giant billionaires decide to reopen places of work, I guess travelling there can’t be so bad. Can it?

With more than 20,000 business permanently closed in the UK, 3 Million Canadians apply for unemployment, more than 30,000 businesses permanently closed in the US and much more devastating results from the life threatening 290K deaths worldwide in our population of 7.59Billion.

We are here to bring the businesses and people together and flattening the curve on an economical collapse.

If you are a business Owner and interested in getting involved, get in touch with us.

Tap to be Directed

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Rhys Fraser

29 Years old, from Scotland. British Forces Veteran with a strong background in Digital Media, creative content, branding and mobile app development. Passionate about world change, exposing corruption and controversy. Likes puppies.


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